Parisi Speed School to Participate in 2017 Rivals Combine

In case you missed it,  Parisi Speed School Corporate has sponsored 10 Rivals Combines, which will allow local Parisi Speed Schools to participant in all 10 events around the country beginning March 11th and running through May 21st.

These events are anticipated to have between 1,000-1,500 athletes participating per combine and are free to all athletes on Saturday who wish to participate.  Sunday is reserved for Saturday’s top performers and is by invitation only.

Parisi Master Coaches and local Parisi Performance Coaches will be conducting the Active Dynamic Warm-Up (ADW) for all athletes on both days.  In addition, local Parisi Speed Schools will have the opportunity to interact with athletes and parents during the combine, as well as work the Parisi tent in “Sponsor Row,” throughout the weekend.

Parisi’s participation in the 2017 Rivals Combine provides a significant opportunity to promote Parisi’s national brand and build awareness for all Parisi Speed Schools around the country. At the local level, it provides Parisi Speed Schools within the geographic area an opportunity to have access to participating elite athletes and their parents throughout the weekend.

You can learn more about the combine and the schedule by visiting their website:

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