Parisi Speed Training Maryland Programs

The Best Speed Training Maryland has to Offer

Youth Total Conditioning Program

The Youth Total Conditioning Program is a great start to learning good exercise habits and awareness to nutrition, as well as addressing “off the field” challenges facing youth today. We also incorporate Parisi’s speed training Maryland methods and the latest in performance and strength training.

Come join a fun, fit time and produce quick results, keeping youth returning for more.

Does not require a Parisi Evaluation.

Jump Start for Ages 7 – 11 Years

The Parisi jumpstart program utilizes the most up-to date research to build a young athletes physical foundation, improve their coordination, and is taught by Parisi’s sports performance Coaches.

The Jump Start program improves fundamental athletic skills & self-esteem, teaching young athletes about:

  • Athletic Coordination
  • Running Technique
  • Body Weight Strength
  • First Stop Quickness
  • Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Confidence

Sports Performance Training

Total Performance

Ready to improve your strength and power on field, court or weight room? Looking for speed training Maryland programs?

Total Performance is designed to develop and enhance athletic performance for athletes ages 12 to 18. Whatever your sport, whatever your passion, Total Performance 2 gives the physical and mental discipline you need to be the best and finally grab the competitive edge.

The Total Performance Program is guaranteed to:

  • Improve speed
  • Develop endurance
  • Maximize jumping Agility
  • Decrease susceptibility to injury
  • Boost confidence

P.E.A.K Program

These elite programs are designed for the high – performance high school, college and professional athletes.

The P.E.AK. Program has been proven to help athletes:

  • Run their fastest sprint ever
  • Increase vertical jump
  • Break their all-time max lift
  • Maximize their agility
  • Improve flexibility
  • Recover faster

Team Training Camps

Our team training camps incorporate fundamental elements proven to be game-changers in the world of sports training.
These camps are ideal for coaches who are serious about training and helping their athletes reach their physical potential. Sessions build confidence and bolster team unity while reducing chances of injury. We offer team training for the following sports:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Cross country
  • Track & Field
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Gymnastics
  • Softball

Home School Athlete Training

We offer classes during the day for homeschool athletes looking for more physical activity and or performance training.

Parisi Evaluations

The Parisi Evaluation is mandatory for every athlete who enters Parisi Sports Performance Program. During the evaluation, athletes are taught signature Active Dynamic Warm-Up, examined during our Running analysis procedure, and tested in battery of physical speed and strength movements.

The Parisi Challenge

The Parisi Challenge is a fun competitive way for athletes of all Parisi Programs to monitor and measure their progress and accomplishments.
Athletes scores are published and ranked on a local and national level to create a challenge with a sense of completion.

The Parisi Method 4

Bill Parisi created another revolutionary approach, the Parisi Method 4 (PM4). It is designed for coaches looking to add fundamental elements to their athlete’s training, reduce the chance of injury, and provide self-esteem building techniques to promote team unity.

The four PM4 elements are:

  • Active Dynamic Warm-up – The cornerstone of PM4, this true warm-up focuses on specific exercises and choreographed maneuvers during dynamic muscular movement to increase body core temperature and blood flow.
  • Movement Skill Methods – This phase is focused on the four areas important to a strong and powerful foundation: deceleration, acceleration, change of direction and maximum speed.
  • Strength and Power Development – Also focused on four areas, this phase targets the muscular and nervous systems in order to create strength, power and stabilization throughout the body.
  • Total Conditioning – The final phase of PM4 is focused on athletes who want to reach an athletic potential that they may not be aware exists within themselves by extending a lot of power over extended periods of time.