The Best Team Speed Training Baltimore Area Offers

Parisi Speed School in Edgewood specializes in speed training Baltimore area sports teams

The Coaches that bring their teams to our facility observe the innovative speed training Baltimore sports teams need to be competitive. Our speed training techniques, education, and camaraderie as their teams work hard through the pain together and achieve their athletic superiority as one. We offer training in the following sports:


Programs that build linear speed and quick reaction, lateral movement. We build explosion and power that guarantees athletic superiority.


Programs that guarantee muscle endurance while creating infusing power for striking the ball and explosive lateral movement. Decreasing your reaction times and increasing your goal output.

Baseball and Softball

Linear and lateral speed to the ball, steal that important base. Catch the ball hit in the gap instead of running after it. Make your reactionary times better than the rest.


Jump Higher, explode faster. Increase that vertical for that game changing rebound or dunk. Innovative training to elevate above the competition.


Speed down the field handling the stick. Control the game while increasing your endurance and muscle memory.


Explosion in the hips, thighs and ankles skate to the puck faster and beat your competition down the ice. SCORE!!!


Elevation higher for that game saving block or set winning spike. Quickness of the ground. Speed to the ball.