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This is a great drill for change of direction. It’ll help develop the hip stabilizers to stiffen as the hip begins to take on added force in the cut. This helps performance and safety.

This is a great drill in understanding body positioning, where to push off, and controlling load into the hip. All athletes will benefit from training cutting patterns.

As athletes we need RELATIVE body strength. This will equally strengthen both sides of the body, then will help us put more force into the ground to generate more SPEED!


This was a terrific Workout we put on for Defensive Backs from Rec to High School Football. This workout was an example of how important it is to not only work on foot work, but the importance of increasing your speed and learning movements that the you may feel in the big game! Everyone here went to a whole other level!

Here are the USA Football Camp at Town University, we stress the importance of a great warm-up before any competition is to lessen risk of injury and to increase potential for performance. By the end of the camp there were less injuries than any of the camps throughout the United States.

Elkton High School Working Hard with us with the pads off and working just as hard with the pads on. They were able to immediately take their speed and strength from the off-season and make an impact once the season began!

Athletic Training Complex in Edgewood Maryland offers Parisi Speed School Team Training classes for student athletes who want to be ready for an upcoming sports season or a college recruiting event.

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