About Us

Our Facility

The Athletic Training Complex is comprised of three separate entities. An indoor trampoline park, a speed and agility school and an incredibly innovative and interactive, parent and child fitness and learning center.

The Athletic Training Complex is located in Edgewood, Maryland in a brand new 32,000 square foot building.  The demographics of our Baltimore County athletic center location is ideal for the athletic training, trampoline entertainment, and birthday party venue. We are very excited to offer such an exciting experience to all of our customers.

The indoor trampoline park is a state of the art facility that includes 23,000 square feet of jumping area.  Our dedicated staff will be around the jumping area to ensure the overall cleanliness and safety of the park.  Our team is dedicated to our customers and ensures that their time spent at ATC is not only enjoyable but will excite them enough to return for another visit.

Our Staff

We value our customers and endeavor to provide a safe, fun-filled environment that will generate a lasting memory of fun and fulfillment.

To provide a place in the community that will be identified as a place that has programs for both children and adults that will facilitate a safe, clean environment where people can train, play and have enjoyment at a great price.

The Athletic Training Complex is set up as a limited liability corporation.  The principals are as follows:

Jack Patterson: Owner

His childhood sport was baseball for five years. He played football as a halfback and a linebacker at Fallston High School and received all-county awards. His endeavor in sports was also wrestling and track. Also served our country as a US Marine for 6 years and implemented Physical Fitness Programs Used by Marine Units.

He enjoyed working with special Olympic athletes for 3 years.

He walked on tryouts with the Philadelphia Eagles.

A proud father of three beautiful children coached youth football and coached in recreational leagues for 10 years. Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and graduated from Wilmington University.

The knowledge of training has brought his passion to enhance the lives of young athletes and help build confidence and self- esteem which in term helps the student-athlete achieve their goals. As an owner of the Athletic Training Complex, he is responsible for the organizational and operational direction of the company, as well as its long-term strategic vision.

Renee Patterson: Operations Manager

Renee Patterson born in Baltimore Maryland and enjoyed 20 years in the dental field as an Orthodontic Dental Assistant. Over the years working for some dynamic leaders she had gained knowledge of leading great teams and educating the community on health awareness. As a mother and small business owner decided to emerge her and her husband’s passions and became owners of Athletic Training Complex which has three separate identities, the Parisi Speed School, Pop-N-Play Sports Arena and Launch Trampoline Park. She is a Certified ISSA Fitness Trainer and has a passion for kids and making a difference in the community.

Andrew Patterson: Program Director

Andrew is ISSA certified, XPS certified, and a Parisi Speed School Master Coach. He graduated from Rising Sun High School. His desire for playing sports began at 8 years old in baseball and enjoyed centerfield and pitching. In high school, he played at Rising Sun High School in Cecil County, Maryland. He was an all-county running back 2 years in a row as a junior and senior.

Played football at Winder University and majored in accounting. Participated in regional NFL Combine. He is dedicated to building each athlete up and growing their self-confidence so they can be the best they can be on and off the field.

Coach Danielle

Sports have always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.I started playing sports like any other child that starts at a young age.My parents signed me up for soccer and t-ball.My father actually put me on an all-boys team for soccer because there wasn’t a program for just girls when I was growing up. Soccer, softball, and swim team were the main sports I engaged in from elementary school through high school.I played lacrosse in high school instead of softball, but I played softball during the summer. As I grew up, I was always trying to better myself; push myself to the limit with my athletics.I even had to overcome some injuries during high school. In high school, I was always the girl playing against the boys.When they would try to get the better of me, I had to show them I wasn’t a push-over!Playing two-on-two volleyball in gym class against guys much bigger and stronger than me was a challenge.I never showed fear just because they were bigger than me.Usually, they were surprised since I would be better than they anticipated. Gym class was always my favorite and I would take as many gym classes as I could!

When I went to college, I attended a local junior college (Anne Arundel Community College) and played D1 soccer (NJCAA) for the two years I attended.We were ranked number 2 in our division.Our team was able to travel to England (where my coach was from) my freshman year and it is an opportunity I will never forget.

After college, I pursued a job that I currently still hold.I got married and became a parent of two children.But I wasn’t satisfied.I decided to go back to college (online) and earn my Bachelors from Kaplan University.I can proudly say that I earned a BS in Health & Wellness/Nutrition.I also became a certified strength and conditioning trainer through NSPA.Even after I graduated college, my passion for athletics and fitness never wavered.If anything, it has gotten stronger.I have competed in numerous races, played in adult organized sports (soccer mostly), and still continue to push myself to greater limits, more now in the weight room.I love to share my passion and knowledge with my kids as well as those I coach.The fitness industry is one that is continually changing and growing and I want to continually change and grow with it.